RXC racer Hoffman lives his dream of contesting Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
American Radical owner Donald Hoffman raced his Radical RXC to the summit of Pikes Peak on Sunday in a time of 12m29.612s to claim first place in the Pikes Peak Challenge – Exhibition Class, at the 92nd running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Manitou Springs, Colorado, USA.

Competing for the first time on the fabled 12.42-mile mountain course, it’s the pinnacle of a season that’s seen Hoffman enter road racing events across the USA.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is a long-standing tradition in Colorado Springs and the second oldest motor sports event in the United States. An annual event since 1916, 2014 marked the 92nd Running of the “Race to the Clouds” and the 98th Anniversary of this historic event.

The race is run on an asphalt course that begins at 9,390 feet (2,862.07 meters) above sea-level and finishes at the 14,115 foot (4,302.25 meter) summit of Pikes Peak. As the drivers climb toward the Summit, the thin air slows reflexes and saps muscle strength in addition to robbing internal combustion engines of up to 30% of the power they were capable of at the Start Line.

Don had never driven the mountain prior to last week’s practice sessions, but consistently improved with every run, continuing through the Race Week’s qualifying and comfortably leading the Exhibition Class throughout. "I was interviewed at the summit after finishing this great race, and realized it took a team of experienced professionals to support my attempt to check the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb off my bucket list. After setting a goal of just seeing the checkered flag on race day, being the top qualifier in class and then following it up with class victory exceeded my expectations.

"It just shows the capabilities of the Radical RXC, a sports racer that can be street legal; I drove to Fan Fest on the public streets of Colorado Springs on Friday night, and we raced the exact car to class victory on Sunday here at this incredible event that is seen all over the world."

Don credits the support of Built-By-Bones, a racing consulting business acknowledged as experts in the logistics and preparation required to race at Pikes Peak. "It is hard to convey the magnitude of what Don has achieved in the last three weeks," said Built-By-Bones team principal, Grant Barclay. "Don showed respect for the mountain and put in a lot of hard work to achieve his well-deserved success. Being top qualifier and then class winner is just something not expected of a rookie.

"The Radical RXC is a superb piece of machinery, we basically made sure Don had enough fuel, fluids and tyres, and left the car as he would drive it on the street. This truly is a car that can put the best supercars to shame on the track or on the road. The support of the factory in the UK was exceptional, far beyond what I ever expected. These guys were on the phone with me, late on their weekend evenings to make sure we were well prepared for race day, and helped us solve some of the very minor issues we were dealing with.

"We hope we can entice Radical Sportscars back to the mountain in the future, their new Ford EcoBoost-powered RXC Turbo is certainly capable of breaking the 10-minute barrier."

Don was interviewed on Thursday for ABC News Channel 13’s sports segment; watch the interview on Radical TV here. Find out more about the PPIHC here, and follow Don’s adventure though his Twitter feed: @Vviper1


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