Falb & Slusher emerge victorious in a Radical contest at Sebring
The PBOC 6-Hour "Race into the Night" event at Sebring International Raceway was a smashing success for Radical racers John Falb and Todd Slusher, winners by a lap and a half over a field of 40 cars.

Some of the rivals on the Florida track may have been expecting an easy victory due the make-up of their teams and the power and speed of their cars; however Falb and Slusher's Radical SR3 RS 1500cc, driven to perfection and supported by an expert race team, proved to be more than the competitors bargained for.

Leading the charge and setting the pole was Falb, followed up by Falb's tremendous start of the race in leading the pack into turn one and beyond at the green flag. Battling the track for hours in off- and on-again rain, three hours of daylight followed by three hours of darkness made the race all that much more challenging as the rain continued falling into the night, only letting up in the last hour of the contest. As the team progressed through the grueling competition it was a constant battle to stay at the front of the pack, falling behind at times after pit stops and yellow flags seemed to come up when the team was making a charge. With 1.5 hours to go the team with Falb at the helm was able to recapture the lead and hold on to it from there; however, not without high drama. It was a mad dash to finish as the chasing Ligier and Praga could smell blood in the water. Fortunately it was Slusher taking the checkered flag well ahead of P2 with a lap and half to spare.

The team was ecstatic with the victory as it was a first for all involved. Falb and Slusher commended the team, saying "This was indeed an outstanding effort, and we send out a big thank you to the Spring Mountain Race Club, the incredible race crew, John Morris, Ari Straus and all the membership for their support and well wishes in the team's effort to bring home the victory!"


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